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Teri’s BREAKING NEWS Update!

by Adam / Oct 7, 2016


Teri here. After searching high and low to find the perfect (not almost perfect, we mean perfect) candidate to carry the Big Boss Torch for the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas into the next decade, someone to ride herd on the enormous talents of our gifted staff, someone to charge forth on his or her metaphorical white steed into the fray of White Center, lassoing the endless structural components that keep a dynamic organization moving forward while considering in big and small ways the importance of writing stories well and, at the same time, imbuing every aspect with wit, humor and a profound joie de vivre…well, we’ve found the person.   

Switching from equestrian to track-and-field metaphors (because mixing metaphors is my bag), I am excited to announce that after six months of working like crazy to find the perfect person we are now loping towards the finish line, avoiding hurdles while raising the bar as I pass off the baton to… 


Andreas Herbst, or, as we like to call him by his American moniker: Andy.  

Here’s why we chose Andy:

In other words: lucky all of us.

First day: October 23. 

Refer to above picture and know that all those people in the stands are cheering.

Along with them,