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BFI is Back!

by Adam / May 3, 2016

UPDATED June 28, 2016

Despite damage from the March 9 gas explosion, we are still at work! Most recently: 

Want to help us rebuild?

Thank you to the Phinney Neighborhood Association for accommodating us! Please consider supporting PNA's relief fund to help all those affected by the gas explosion.  

For the latest news, please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can keep up on the Greenwood Space Travel Supply on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well. (Really, we're all the same company, but it's fun to talk about ourselves in the third person.)

The back story (as we writers say): On Wednesday, March 9, a natural gas explosion just across the street from our headquarters blew in our front windows, causing significant damage to our store and its inventory, our tutoring space, our offices and the Geoduck Publishing Company.

Greenwood Space Travel Supply is unfortunately unable to sell items from the areas that were damaged, which includes basically our entire inventory. If you find yourself in need of space travel supplies, the nearest alternative is Gus's Space Travel Emporium in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Last but certainly not least, continued thanks to the BFI and GSTS community, staff, volunteers and friends, for all of your kind thoughts and help. We stay Fearless because of you.