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Andy’s Update – March 2017 (Now Starring Lindy West!)

by Adam / Mar 22, 2017

Hello members of the BFI Universe!

This is Andy Herbst, your not-so-new Executive Director. Believe it or not, but I’ve been at my job for for almost six months now. Honestly, sometimes it feels like just a few weeks, thanks to the ongoing tornado of activity that makes weeks pass like minutes. Maybe it’s also just that suddenly I’ve arrived at an age where people say time passes more quickly. Who knows? 

Anyway, the BIG DEAL right now is PEOPLE EATING & GIVING, our big, annual, more-fun-than-a-barrel-of-monkeys fundraiser happening at Fremont Studios on Friday, March 31. Hopefully you’ve heard about People Eating & Giving and perhaps are already planning to attend. If not, I have some late-breaking great news. In addition to celebrity librarian Nancy Pearl and that awesome Seattle rock band whose name is the same backwards and forwards, this year’s gala has a brand-new special guest: Lindy West, the butt-kicking Seattle writer whose bestselling memoir Shrill was released to international acclaim last year and who we couldn’t be happier to have at PEG. (Curious about Lindy? Listen to her on This American Life right here. Curious about People Eating and Giving? Find full info and tickets here!)

What else is going on? Not much. Only:

But enough about us. How are you?