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Andy’s Notes - October 2017

by Adam / Oct 25, 2017


I never really got this gem of an English idiom. Is it in reference to an historic American event involving enchanted dairy products that my education in Germany didn’t cover? Does anybody except me care? Probably not. (I don’t really get rhetorical questions either.)

Anyway, I’m actually writing to let you know what’s going on at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. Well, since the last time I wrote, the last school year came to a close, we’ve had a bunch of amazing summer workshops, everybody went on break, and the new school year has begun. Which proves two things: one, tempus fugit (or, for those of you not wearing togas: time flies); and two, I seem to be a little lazy when it comes to writing, in stark contrast to our students: last year, the students produced 539 unique printed and bound physical publications at BFI. 

Not to brag (ok, it’s partly to brag), here are a few more highlights of last year:

This is, in a word, awesome. Also awesome: what we offer students at BFI goes far beyond the academic. To illustrate that point, we asked them how they experience the programs, and here are some remarkable figures our questions yielded:

If you’d like to see more, click here

Oh, and in case you’ve just returned from a mission to Mars, another exciting thing happened. After years of looking, thinking, and being-delayed-because-BFI-exploded, we are about to OPEN A NEW LOCATION! We are partnering with the Seattle Housing Authority to create a beautiful tutoring center at the new Yesler Terrace housing project in the Central District. Programs are starting in November. 

By now, you should have received an invite to our “Tutoring Center-Shower” November 4th . If you haven’t, check your spam folder, and if you find it there, please write angry letters to your email provider explaining that our emails are not spam.

At the event, you’ll not only have the opportunity to eat candy (a piñata is rumored to be involved) but also to meet our fabulous new program managers, LaKesha and Nat. 

Yep, quite a bit has happened in the last couple months. The only exclamation that seems to adequately express our excitement about the current state of BFI: