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by louise / Jun 20, 2017

Hello everybody, 

Today, we have news. Big news! News that is worth at least three exclamation marks!!!  

Starting with the new school year, we will serve children and youth in a second location south of Greenwood: The Yesler Terrace mixed income housing development in the Central District/First Hill. The development is the new flagship of the Seattle Housing Authority, transforming the former ‘projects’ to include about 6,000 units of subsidized and market rate apartments and condos, parks, a new streetcar line, and spaces for educational, community-building organizations (sound like an organization you know?)  

The development is designed to foster the health, happiness and engagement of residents, honor the history of the neighborhood (which became the city’s first publicly subsidized housing community in the 1940s) and to generally be a pleasant place to raise families and hang out with friends. 

You probably have questions like ‘How did we end up there?’ and ‘Why?’ Well, let’s start with the former: The Seattle Housing Authority has a 1,200 square-foot space to lease at a very reduced rate to a nonprofit that will bring great services to youth at Yesler Terrace and the surrounding neighborhoods. After a competitive selection process (for nonprofit savvy people: RFP, proposal, and interviews) BFI was chosen to be this organization! Yay! 

Why’: First, for years we’ve wanted to expand to a location further South. We’re already serving schools in Central and South Seattle, and that is a long drive! Second, a mixed income development is the ideal place for a community-building organization like us that embraces students and volunteers from all walks of life. Third, ‘very reduced rent ’ in the Central District is, to quote one of our students, “like an ice cube in the desert: Hard to find and not there for long.”  

Here’s what we will do: We’ll start by implementing our tutoring program. We’ve just posted an ad for a program manager at the new location. By the way, if you’re interested in working for an awesome organization and you are a creative mind that loves writing, children, diversity, and a little bit of wacky, please apply! (If you’re like me and the highlight of your day is an Excel spreadsheet with instances of service and students served, please don’t.) We’ll be part of an exciting network of organizations serving the area coordinated by Seattle University, and we will strive to launch our educational programs in local schools.  

(Photo: BFI staff and board members in front of the new location, proving that people with Humanities degrees look slightly awkward wearing hard hats.)

Expansion is exciting, but trying for any organization, so we’ll need a little help. Hmm, I wonder who could help? How about YOU???
Here’s how:

-We’ll need lots of new volunteers. If you are already volunteering: Awesome! If you aren’t: Why not?

-Come to our superfun events in fall:

-Share your wealth (I mean that quite literally; click here)

-Help us spread the word about BFI and tell your family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, waiter, dog-walker, and anyone else you know about us! 

This is an exciting time at BFI—stay tuned for more news. Let’s help students in the Central District learn to have fun writing!!! 

Yours truly,