Student Work

Weini by Kisanet

by Kisanet / Feb 20, 2015

"Weini" was written by Kisanet during a special two-day workshop, Celebrating Our Cultures, on Feb. 16-17, 2015. Students were inspired by family photos to write poems. 


When my mom came to America she couldn’t

speak English she misses her home back at

Eritrea but it’s for her own good. She will have

to get used to the Americans who speak

English because that’s not her language

She keeps practicing

And practicing to speak English


She got engaged! With a man and his name is Fetene

two years later they got married she had five kids.

Three daughters named Hermona, Setti, and me and two

sons named Mewael, and Natu. She loved the days when

she gave birth.

She will always love her