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Sports Report: Seahawks Superbowl and Deflate-gate

Sports Report: Seahawks Superbowl and Deflate-gate

by Aaron Z. / Jan 29, 2015

Aaron Z. periodically writes a sports report during tutoring, after finishing his homework of course. 

I’m back. OH my god where should I start?

There’s so much to say you guys here about the deflate-gate. Did you know about it? Of course you did. Anyways, the ball boy confessed that he was behind the deflate-gate. (That’s kind of crazy, though).

Super Bowl 49 is coming up on Sunday. The Seahawks vs. the New England Patriots. My money’s on the Seahawks, obviously.

Next, in basketball, the Thunder beat the Timberwolves, 92 to 84. The Clippers beat the Nuggets, 102 to 98. The Pelicans beat the 76ers, 99 to 74. The Grizzlies beat the Magic, 103 to 94. The Celtics beat the Jazz, 99 to 90.