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Sports Report: NBA Playoffs Begin

Sports Report: NBA Playoffs Begin

by Aaron Z. / Apr 21, 2015

Aaron Z. periodically writes a sports report during tutoring, after finishing his homework of course. 

The NBA playoffs started on Saturday and guess who won the game between the Spurs and the Clippers?  I’ll give you time to think... 

….well, it was the Clippers. They won 92-107. Let's go Clippers!

Cavs beat the Celtics 113-100. That is kind of weird. I expected the Cavs to beat them by at least 20 points because of all the stars on that team, including Lebron the “King” (which I don’t think is real).  

Next, the Blazers lost to the Grizzlies 86-100. Hawks beat the Nets 99-92. Rockets beat Mavericks 118-108. Bulls beat the Bucks 103-91. Warriors beat the Pelicans 106-99. Wizard beat the Raptors 93-86