Student Work



by Songwriting Club / Mar 25, 2015

Volunteer Chris worked with Mia, Chris, Bethania and Faiz during Songwriting Club to write "Penguins" together. A few students peformed the song during Couth Buzzard's Open Mic on March 18, 2015.



(Chords A, G, A)

Flying to Antarctica;

it couldn’t be Australia.

(Chords F, C, A)

Then I saw a penguin

waddling in the area.


(Chords A, G, A)

She met my criteria:

didn’t have bacteria.

(F, C, A)

Think I’ll take her home with me

(A, G, A)

back into America.


Verse #1:

(Strum A for verses.)

Wore my shirt with sequins

and made a great decision.

Had a special suspicion;

wanted to buy a penguin.




Verse #2:

(Strum A for verses.)

Penguin had a big belly;

maybe had too much jelly.

Laid eggs, named them Ellie.

They hatched and were smelly.




Verse #3:

(Strum A for verses.)

Penguins like to eat sardines,

especially mixed in with beans.

No sardines and she’ll get mean;

needed a sardine machine!