Student Work

New Year, New Experiences

by / Jan 12, 2015

Students at the BFI have pined and pondered about what the new year has in store for them. When asked what new sensations they hoped to flood their experiences in the new year, this is how they responded:


1.     Something new to see? Second part of the Mockingjay movie

2.     Some new place to visit? Seabrook, WA

3.     Something new to taste? Squid

4.     Something new to hear? Music

5.     Someone new to meet? People



1.     Something new to see? Stars

2.     Some new place to visit? Africa (maybe)

3.     Something new to taste? Several different ice creams

4.     Something new to hear? Animals

5.     Someone new to meet? Classmates 

2015 will be the best year ever for the world!



1.     Something new to see: The Eiffel tower

2.     Something new to visit: The state of liberty

3.     Something new to taste: me

4.     Something new to hear: A bad word

5.     Someone new to meet: Scarlet