Field Trips

The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas is pleased to offer dynamic, writing-based field trips at our center throughout the academic year. Our space is a creative and inspiring place for teachers to bring their students to improve their writing during the school day. As with all of our services, field trips are offered free of charge to schools.

Field Trips

Thank you for your interest in BFI Field Trip programs. Registration for the 2018-19 school year is now closed. Because BFI receives more requests than we can accommodate, we cannot guarantee spots to every teacher who applies.

Registration for next school year will open in July. 

If you have questions, read the FAQ below. If you have more questions, please contact us via email.

2018-19’s field trip offerings include:

Mr. Geoduck Publishing

Grades 1* – 3
Tuesdays 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

In our most popular field trip, students are charged with the task of writing a story as a group that will please grouchy Pacific Northwest publisher Mr. Geoduck. Mr. Geoduck is never seen, but rather admonishes the students from behind a curtain in his quest for exciting writing, active verbs and interesting characters. Harriet, Mr. Geoduck’s harried hairy helping hand (who strangely resembles a fur-covered oven mitt) pops out from behind the curtain to collect stories and artwork from the class. The group finishes its portion of the story on a "cliffhanger” and then individual students are invited to write a unique ending. Mr. Geoduck gives feedback on each individual ending and each student takes home a bound book of their story. This field trip teaches students about collaboration, self-editing, the bookmaking process, and elements of successful storytelling.

* We will schedule 1st grade classes during the second half of the school year for the Geoduck field trip. We find this timing is better for 1st graders to feel confident and successful during the independent writing portion of this field trip.

The Writers Room (formerly WrOBOT)

Grades 4 – 6
Thursdays 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Have you ever wanted to publish your own picture book? With this field trip, you can! After a short discussion about what makes a thrilling, unique story, students work in small groups to write and illustrate an original story for younger readers. Each group works with a volunteer or two who guides them through the writing process and types up their original adventures. All students leave with a printed, illustrated, and bound book of their very own. This experience allows students to complete the entire writing process, develop creative collaboration skills, and release the wild imagination within.

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Where are you located?
Map and directions to the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas

How can I prepare my students for a field trip to The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas?
We recommend you use our pre-field trip guides to help your class prepare for their upcoming visit to Fearless Ideas. By reviewing the included activities with students, it allows for a much richer experience as they arrive somewhat familiar with some of the terminology and necessary structure and behaviors that comes with writing a collaborative story. It is a tremendous help to our volunteer field trip staff to have your students equipped with clearly visible name tags.

Mr. Geoduck Publishing Field Trip Guide
Writers Room Field Trip Guide

Where can we eat lunch?
We do not have an eating area in our writing center, so you will need to make other arrangements for lunch. Some teachers contact the Greenwood Public Library, which is only two blocks away, to reserve a conference room where their students may eat. Others go to nearby Greenwood Park, which is a ten-minute walk from our location at N 87th Street between N Evanston and N Fremont Aves.

Greenwood Public Library
8016 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103-4282

I hear you have a store. Will the store be open during the time of our field trip?
The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Store Co. does not open until noon. We would appreciate it if you would prepare your class for the fact that they will walk through the store, but will not be able to shop on the day of the field trip. We always encourage students to return with their families at a later time.

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Field Trip Registration Policy

How do I register to bring my class to a Fearless Ideas Field Trip?
Teachers must fill out and submit a Field Trip Interest Form—it only takes a minute. With the goal of clear and timely communication between the Fearless Ideas field trip manager and classroom teachers, we ask that each teacher fill out and submit their own form rather than assign this task to a volunteer or other classroom teacher.

Does everyone who submits a Field Trip Interest Form receive a field trip date?
Unfortunately, no. While we love all the requests, we receive many more for our field trips than we have the capacity to fulfill. If your class does not receive a date, you will automatically be placed on a wait list and will be contacted if a spot opens up.

How many students can you serve?
Our writing center is only able to accommodate one classroom (approximately 25 – 30 students) per field trip.

What if we arrive late?
Our field trips are delivered by a dedicated group of volunteers who generously donate time out of their personal and work lives. Should your class arrive late for a field trip, they will receive a shorter program, ending at the scheduled time. We will make every effort to bind and distribute student books before you depart. However, if this is not possible, we will make arrangements with you for pickup at a later time.

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Deposit Information

How does the deposit work?
A refundable deposit of $100* is required for each field trip. Upon its receipt, your deposit check will be held for you until your class has come to the field trip and you have completed a post-field trip survey. 

* If you have any concerns about the deposit, please email us. We are happy to work with you. 

Can I donate my deposit to The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas?
Yes! When you complete the field trip survey you will have the chance to convert your $100 deposit into a donation to support all students at BFI.

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