Our Programs

After-School Tutoring After-School Tutoring

After-School Tutoring

We offer tutoring, homework help and writing enrichment clubs throughout the school year. Trained volunteers are here to help with writing projects and all kinds of homework including math, science, and foreign languages.//details

In-Schools In-Schools


Trained volunteers head to classrooms around King County to support teachers in their writing curricula. We help edit student work and guide research, making for more in-depth writing projects. We can enhance the final products by collecting work in chapbooks or assisting with publishing parties.//details

Publishing Projects Publishing Projects

Publishing Projects

With the help of excellent teachers and gifted book-making professionals, we publish select student work created in the Bureau of Fearless Ideas workshops and during our publishing projects. See the ever-growing body of anthologies and other literature from our gifted young writers (and maybe pick one up).//details

Field Trips Field Trips

Field Trips

Teachers can bring their classrooms to our writing lab to experience theatrical, fun writing. Working collaboratively, students create stories and each then produces an original ending to the story. All students go home with a published book and a sense of serious accomplishment. //details

Summer Workshops

It’s summer at BFI! That means it’s time to get creative. We’ll grab our notebooks and explore writing on boats, writing mysteries, practicing yoga, going on adventures in our community, and maybe having a barbeque or two. //details

Over the last 10 years,

thousands of volunteers gave
thousands of hours

to thousands of kids in free writing and tutoring programs.