Hi! We are so very glad you’re here. If you are between 6 and 18 years old, you are eligible for our free services. Whether you are a newcomer to this country learning to write in English, a gifted young writer already published—or both!—we have something for you.


After-School Tutoring
If you are a student needing help in any academic subject, our trained tutors are eager to help you. Find out more.

Everybody has a story to tell, whether you are a gifted writer or still learning the basics of the craft. Check out our current offerings.

Field Trips
If you are an elementary or middle-school student, your teacher can bring your whole class to Fearless Ideas for a collaborative and fun writing experience. Help your teacher find us.

We'll come to you (if you are in King County!). We consider proposals for writing activities by teachers from elementary through high school for in-class assistance.  While writing can be a pretty solitary business, it sure is better with the help of a talented Fearless Ideas tutor. Invite us in.

Follow these steps: come to Fearless Ideas for tutoring or workshops or work with us on an in-school project. Work very hard. Listen to the advice of our editors and proofreaders. Work on many drafts. Do it and your writing could wind up in a book.

Youth Advisory Board
Each year, high school students from different schools and neighborhoods earn their community service credit by acting as Fearless Ideas ambassadors in the community, on an editorial board for our publications, and as primary consumers of donated pizza. 

To get involved, please apply during May or June for the following school year. Contact us if you're interested.

“I like YAB because I'm able to learn while teaching.”

- Haddy, Youth Advisory Board member

“I learned to do the question of the day. You play games and do homework and Stop & Jot. Fearless Ideas is the best. ”

- Tiyya, second-grade student