Our services are structured around our belief that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success. Here you'll find out more about what we do in our free programs, registration information, and how you can help.


What We Do

We are a writing center. And a tutoring room. And a publishing house. We offer something for everyone—prolific writers and struggling students alike.

Please take a look at After-School Tutoring and Writing Workshops to see if these programs might interest your child.

Our work is most effective if we have the input and support of our students’ families. Please consider joining us for our Greenwood Family Forum meetings. Contact us if you have any questions.

Also please understand that in order for our work to be most effective it is important for us to maintain a community of happy, engaged youth. We want all students to choose to be at Fearless Ideas, and we reserve the option to contact parents if their child is disruptive.

If you are an educator, you can find more information on our educator’s page.


Are your programs really free?

Yes! All of our programs are offered free of charge. However, we greatly appreciate donations and ask those families that are able to consider making a tax-deductible donation.    

How do I register my student for programming?

If your child will be attending our After-School Tutoring program, please drop by and fill out our registration form, which includes medical release, optional publication permissions, and your contact information. Please ask any staff member if you need help in filling out the form or have any questions. The form is also available to download and mail in or drop off.

Workshop class offerings are listed here, and you can enroll online or in person at our writing center.

In-school and field trip programming are booked and scheduled by teachers; if you'd like your student's class to be involved with Fearless Ideas, please encourage his or her teacher to contact us! 

What ages are your programs for?  

We serve students 6–18 and typically group students of similar ages together in our programs.

I would like to help The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas even though I can’t afford a donation. What do you suggest?

  • We welcome you to join us for our Greenwood Family Forum.
  • We keep a roster of parent volunteers and what skills they can offer. Contact us.
  • Want to take a shift in our store while your child has tutoring? Want to help set up publishing parties?  Volunteer with us. We’d love to have your help!

“Lilly Grey calls The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas her 'second home.' Thank you for being her writing family. ”

- Lilly Grey's mom, Temple McNeer