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Our ears are buzzing! If you want to find out why, click here to find links to stories and videos about The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas (formerly known as 826 Seattle) in the news. From local news to the New York Times, people are talking about us. Well, shucks. 

In The Media

In Trump era, a case for underdogs like Pluto

Jan 23, 2017 / KUOW

This essay, by former Mayor Mike McGinn, was first published in Encyclopedia Greenwoodia by the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas. We happened upon the small volume at a coffee shop and were taken by its message: Seattle is adamantly, defiantly pro-little guy.... //more

‘Encyclopedia Greenwoodia’ Gets Adults and Kids Alike Writing About a Neighborhood

Jan 22, 2017 / Seattle Weekly

An annual project turns into a rallying cry for a neighborhood...... //more

BFI Plans to Donate Profits of Neighborhood Anthology to Greenwood Relief Fund

Jan 16, 2017 / The Stranger

There's been a lot of fallout since the gas explosion rocked the heart of Greenwood earlier this month, damaging the lives, livelihoods, and properties of several residents. The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas (BFI), which was also damaged in the explosion, is doing its part to help out its neighbors.... //more

‘This is Greenwood’s book’: Kids help neighborhood raise funds after blast

Jan 14, 2017 / Seattle Times

When kids at an after-school writing and tutoring program started working on stories about their community, no one imagined the project would play a role in Greenwood history. ... //more

6 months after explosion, Greenwood marks bittersweet milestone

Jan 12, 2017 / KOMO

Everyone says they hope to return in full one day, but for now they're happy to feed Greenwood in whatever way possible.... //more

Give me a G-R-E-E-N-W-O-O-D!

Jan 9, 2017 / Seattle Review of Books

Every good story gets the timing right. In the case of the brand-new Encyclopedia Greenwoodia — a collection of prose, poetry, and images by, for, and about Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood — timing is the story.... //more