Our Mission: The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas is a nonprofit writing and tutoring center dedicated to helping youth, ages 6 to 18, improve their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. At Fearless Ideas, we believe significant learning happens with individual attention and that strong writing skills are essential for future success.

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Andy’s Notes - March 2018

NOT NICE, MR. PRESIDENT! Hello BFI community, Recently when BFI was invited to table at the Seattle release of Dave Eggers’ new book, The Monk of Mokha, Dave requested from the stage that I speak to people interested in BFI after the reading. My response was ‘If they’re...//more

Andy’s Notes - December 2017

Happy Jolabokaflod (again)! Avid readers of this column (of which I assume there are more than grains of sand on Jupiter) might remember this happy Icelandic tradition from last year. Because Iceland’s assortment of recreational activities in the middle of winter is limited to sitting in...//more

Andy’s Notes - October 2017

HOLY COW! I never really got this gem of an English idiom. Is it in reference to an historic American event involving enchanted dairy products that my education in Germany didn’t cover? Does anybody except me care? Probably not. (I don’t really get rhetorical questions...//more

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What to Read in the Rain

starsWhat to Read in the Rainstars

What lemonade is to sunshine, books are to rain—the perfect complement. This fact, understood by all Pacific Northwesterners, is the driving force behind WHAT TO READ IN THE RAIN, the annual story compilation published by the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. Bursting with amazing adventure stories written by BFI students and adult-author friends of BFI, including Tom Robbins, Barbara Earl Thomas, Peter Mountford, Davy Rothbart, Myla Goldberg, and Lauren Weedman, this book is the perfect gift for anyone with eyes. Find it on-site at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Store or order copies online!